What's the difference between Americano and Espresso?

What's the difference between Americano and Espresso?

Friends who love to drink coffee must be familiar with Espresso. It means "extra fast" in Italian, and when translated into Chinese, it means espresso. As early as 1901, a Milanese named Luigi Bezzera invented the use of high-pressure steam equipment to make coffee, which should be regarded as the prototype of the birth of Espresso.

Today, on the basis of Espresso, various fancy coffees have been born, such as our most common latte, cappuccino, macchiato, etc., are all made on the basis of Espresso. Therefore, Espresso It also has the reputation of "the soul of coffee".


What's the difference between Americano and Espresso?

01 Different cultural origins
Americano, one of the most common coffees, originated during World War II. At that time, American soldiers in Europe were not used to drinking Italian coffee that was too strong, so the Italians adjusted it according to the taste of Americans, adding a lot of water to the Italian coffee to dilute the bitterness and astringency of the coffee itself. , this is the earliest source of American coffee, which can be said to be a kind of coffee invented by Italians for Americans.

The soul representative of espresso is espresso, which was born with the Italian coffee machine. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Italians invented a machine for making coffee through steam pressure alone, and since then there has been espresso. In the mid-1940s, people invented the spring valve lever coffee machine, which officially popularized espresso.

From the perspective of cultural origin, American coffee was first made by Italians for Americans; Italian coffee was officially born after the appearance of steam pressure coffee machines.

02 Different production methods
Americano coffee is coffee made with a drip coffee machine or a drip coffee pot. The production method is relatively simple. It can be understood as putting coffee powder into a filter cup and slowly adding water at 85°-95°C to extract it. In addition, Americano can also be directly diluted with a lot of water on the basis of Italian coffee.

Espresso is coffee made with espresso machines or moka pots. The principle behind it is to use 92° hot water to wash coffee powder with high pressure to extract coffee. The short-time and high-pressure coffee brewing process can fully concentrate the coffee flavor.

From the point of view of the production method, American coffee is made with drip equipment, and it is also made with espresso and a lot of water; espresso is made with the principle of high-pressure extraction.
03 The taste and taste are different
Because of the production method, less coffee is put in, more water is added, the color of American coffee looks lighter, some can even see the bottom of the cup, and the taste is relatively monotonous, and some people even ridicule the taste of American coffee. water for washing socks". Because of the longer extraction time, Americano has a higher caffeine content.

The espresso made with the help of the principle of steam pressure fully releases the inner essence of the coffee, so it tastes more pure and rich, with a rich taste and a thin layer of coffee oil on the surface, which is also the source of the attractive aroma. Because of the short extraction time, the caffeine content in espresso is not very high.

From the point of view of taste, Americano tastes lighter and contains more caffeine; espresso tastes richer, but the caffeine content is not very high.
Want to lose weight, drink Americano or Italian Espresso?
After understanding the difference between Americano and Italian coffee, I believe everyone is most concerned about which one is better for weight loss. The fat-reducing principle of coffee is closely related to a substance in coffee called "caffeine".

Caffeine stimulates our central nervous system, speeds up metabolism and allows more fat to be consumed during exercise. Scientific research has shown that drinking a cup of black coffee one hour before exercise can consume 15% more fat during exercise.

A large cup of Americano coffee has only about 10 calories, which is almost negligible, and it contains high caffeine content, so it is relatively friendly to fat loss. For friends who like to drink coffee and are used to American coffee, you can drink some in moderation.

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