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What's the Difference Between Cold Brew and Iced Coffee?

Summer is here, and it's time for cafes to scramble to prepare ice-cold and refreshing coffee cold drinks. For customers, who may not be able to tell the difference between a cappuccino and a flat white, cold brew and iced coffee may be the same. In fact, the two coffees are vastly different from the way they are made to the taste.

Cold Brew Coffee
What is the difference between cold brew and iced coffee?
First, let's understand what iced coffee is. Iced coffee is actually the addition of ice to the coffee, which means that the coffee is made using the traditional method, the same as making a latte or cappuccino, except that it is quickly cooled with ice cubes or iced milk. For example, an iced latte is an iced coffee, but an espresso with ice cubes and iced milk is added. Some advanced machines are capable of whipping iced milk, which also creates more possibilities for making iced coffee. Cold brew is completely different, espresso is a coffee brewed at high temperature and pressure in a short period of time, cold brew is the complete opposite. The ground coffee is mixed with cold water, put in the refrigerator, and steeped for a long time, without the involvement of high temperature or pressure, which means that the extraction of coffee flavor takes longer. The resulting coffee is more refreshing and less bitter than traditional hot coffee.

Which is more popular?
It depends on personal preference as the two are not interchangeable. Cold brew coffee is mostly presented in the form of black coffee or with a little milk, and has a more refreshing flavor and is more refined than espresso. In contrast, iced coffee made with espresso can come in many forms, with cold or whipped milk, or even a frappuccino or milkshake. Senior coffee lovers mostly prefer cold brew coffee, but more mass consumers prefer iced coffee.

Iced Coffee
How to Make Cold Brew Coffee at Home ?
Cold brew coffee is easy to make and everyone can make it at home.
Here is the reference recipe:
- 2 large jars
- 400ml cold water
- 50g coarsely ground coffee powder (can be adjusted according to your preference)
- filter cloth or filter paper
- funnel

Production Method:
- Mix the ground coffee and water into the jar to ensure that all the ground coffee is evenly soaked;
- Cover, put in the refrigerator and soak for more than 24 hours;
- After soaking, put a filter cloth or filter paper into the funnel, slowly pour the coffee solution, and filter into the second jar;
- Store in an airtight container after making and it will keep fresh for up to a week.
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