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What is the Difference Between Ice Drip Coffee and Cold Brew Coffee?

 What is the Difference Between Ice Drip Coffee and Cold Brew Coffee?
First of all, it is distinguished from the production method. First understand a basic concept, coffee making is the process of extracting some of the substances in coffee. However, if this part of the material is not fully extracted, it is called "under-extraction". If the extraction is finished and the extraction continues, the unwanted substances will be extracted, which is called "over-extraction".

The speed and temperature of coffee extraction are closely related to time. The higher the temperature, the faster the extraction speed, and the longer the time, the more extraction.

What is the Difference Between Cold Brew Coffee and Ice Drip Coffee?
Cold brew coffee
Cold brew coffee is produced by slowly brewing coffee grounds and ice water in a certain proportion. Use a low temperature + long time method to ensure the best extraction.
Ice Drip Coffee
Drip iced coffee drips the liquid from the ice cubes onto the ground coffee. The same is also used for low temperature + long time extraction. This is where these two coffees come close.

The difference is that only ice water and coffee powder are involved in the entire extraction process of cold brew coffee. A lot of air is added to the cold drip coffee extraction process. Every drop of ice water is mixed with air and ground coffee. After the final production is successful, it needs to be fermented for another night. It makes the ice drip coffee have a stronger brewed smell. But in terms of stability, cold brew coffee is obviously more stable. As long as you ensure that the powder-water ratio temperature and time are fixed each time. The final product won't be too bad. It is more suitable for chain operations such as Starbucks.
Ice Drip Coffee maker
There are too many variables for drip iced coffee, and it is necessary to observe the speed of the conditional water droplets at all times. And keep the upper layer always in a mixture of ice and water, so that every drop of ice water is exactly 0 degrees Celsius. It is also necessary to control the dripping within the estimated time range. When the time is up, if there is not enough dripping, the extraction will be insufficient, and if the dripping time is too long, it will be overextracted again, and the operability is more. Coupled with the need to refrigerate and ferment, it is more suitable for independent cafes to slowly figure out.

One more tip: If you can't taste the fermented wine in the ice drop, you can add a little fructose. Take you to open the door to a new world
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