What is white coffee?

What is a White Coffee ?

What is white coffee?
What is the difference between white coffee and black coffee? The origin of the name of white coffee? What are the benefits of white coffee? Today, I will organize those things about white coffee for you. White coffee is a native product of Malaysia with a history of more than 100 years. White coffee does not mean that the color of coffee is white, but uses special Liberica, Arabica and Robusta coffee beans and special non-fat creamer raw materials. The bitter and sour taste produced by roasting reduces the bitter and sour taste and caffeine content of coffee to a minimum, and does not add any additives to enhance the taste. The coffee is lighter and softer, with a touch of golden milk and pure taste, so it is named white coffee.


what is a white coffee


The biggest essential difference between white coffee and black coffee is in its processing flow.
The difference between white coffee and ordinary coffee lies in the selection of raw materials, the cultivation of coffee beans, and the difference in coffee brewing. White coffee is usually made of more expensive and selected coffee beans, and is completely free of impurities, such as wheat grains, corn grains, etc., so the taste is relatively pure. The planting conditions of Arabica coffee beans are more severe. It needs to grow at an altitude of 600 to 2000 meters above sea level, and has fertile soil fertility, sufficient moisture and appropriate sunshine conditions and shade. At the same time, Arabica coffee trees have poor resistance to pests and diseases and are easily damaged. A lot of manpower to care and maintain, so Arabica coffee beans are internationally recognized as the highest quality coffee material.
what is white coffee ?
White coffee is also different from ordinary coffee in the roasting process of coffee beans.
Ordinary coffee is made by roasting coffee beans at high temperature, then brewing into pure coffee and drying. This practice will have a lot of caffeine and trans fats, dehydrating compounds, stomach damage, calcium loss, obesity are all these substances in trouble. White coffee is made by low-temperature roasting (roasting) without adding any artificial additives or caramel in a traditional and unique process, which minimizes the bitterness and sourness produced by high-temperature carbon roasting, and retains the natural flavor and mellowness of the original coffee. Fragrance, no trans-fat [a large amount exists in fried foods, and the content of international food is strictly controlled, which will cause problems such as increased cholesterol and increased fat], and the caffeine content and calories are also lower than ordinary coffee, which is in line with modern people's healthy weight loss It also avoids the hot and dry troubles caused by drinking ordinary coffee. Malaysian white coffee does not add any additives during the production process, it can be brewed directly, and it will not become sour like black coffee after cooling. Therefore, drinking white coffee is not hot, not angry, has a high absorption rate, and does not have any adverse stimulation to the gastrointestinal tract.
It also has a diuretic effect and can promote cardiovascular circulation. A cup of 100 grams of unsweetened white coffee has only 2.55 calories. So drinking a cup of white coffee after a meal can effectively break down fat. White coffee contains less than 10% caffeine, which is milder and healthier.

is white coffee stronger
The origin of the name of white coffee
As for the origin of the name "white coffee", it originated in the Ipoh area of ​​Malaysia at the beginning of the last century. At that time, a large number of Chinese came to work as miners in the tin mines in Ipoh, Malaysia to make a living. Due to the harsh environment of the sun and rain every day, it is very easy to adapt to the soil and water and suffer from diseases such as colds and typhoid fever. However, at that time, the medical facilities were very backward and there was a lack of necessary medicines. The health of the Chinese miners was greatly threatened. Fortunately, The only thing is that they accidentally discovered that the coffee cherries grown in the wild have the effect of refreshing, refreshing and health care, so they began to boil the coffee cherries and some wild vegetables together to make "coffee wild vegetable soup" after drinking. Relieve one's fatigue, so it is loved by the majority of Chinese miners.

One day, the British mine owner inspected the mine and accidentally smelled the aroma of coffee. After inquiring, he learned that the miners were making "coffee wild vegetable soup", so the British mine owner taught the miners how to brew coffee in the West, and the miners have since I drank western coffee. Over time, the influence of coffee in Malaysia has gradually expanded, and drinking coffee has become a traditional habit of many local families. However, at that time, many Chinese did not like the bitter and sour taste of Western-style coffee. They mixed different coffee beans by matching, adding appropriate amount of milk and sugar to the coffee, and changing the high-temperature roasted coffee to medium-low temperature and long-term roasting, etc. In this way, we can improve Western-style coffee and gradually make it into the most suitable coffee for Chinese tastes. Milk and sugar were added to coffee. At that time, the Chinese called it "coffee plus white" (white refers to two ingredients such as milk and sugar). Slowly, people called this delicious coffee improved by the Chinese as "coffee plus white". White coffee" has gradually become a traditional specialty of Malaysia and is deeply loved by people.

The benefits of white coffee
White coffee contains free fatty acids, caffeine, tannins and other nutrients, nicotine contains vitamin B, and roasted coffee beans contain more than green coffee beans. White coffee can promote the function of metabolism, activate the digestive organs, and improve rough skin. In addition, taking a bath with coffee powder is a kind of warm therapy, which makes the whole body hot and sweaty to achieve the effect of losing weight. White coffee will activate the liver or kidneys, rapidly oxidize the acetaldehyde converted from alcohol, decompose it into water and carbon dioxide and excrete it from the body, and has the function of hangover. White coffee can promote the function of the heart, make blood circulation smooth, quickly supply oxygen and nutrients to the whole body, and help the liver to process wastes from the body and excrete them through the kidneys. This metabolism-boosting function can effectively eliminate fatigue and has a long-term refreshing effect. White coffee is not easy to be addicted, and it has little effect on important internal organs such as the liver, stomach, kidney, and other diseases such as respiratory inflammation and women's breast tumors, and will never cause calcium loss.

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