How to Make Pour Over Coffee

How to Make Pour Over Coffee

Pour Over Coffee Set :
Filter Paper, Pour Over Coffee Filters, Hand Brewing Pot, Sharing Pot, Bean Grinder, Electronic Scale, Powder Cup, Water Cup Container, and of course our most important coffee beans.

1. Wet the Filter Paper
Fold the filter paper and put it into the filter cup, use a fine-mouth pot to pour water evenly to wet the filter paper, preferably with a large water flow, tap the filter paper, rinse and drain the waste water. 
Wet the Filter Paper
· Remove the odor of the filter paper itself
· The hot water injection process can preheat the sharing pot
· Make the filter paper completely adhere to the filter cup

2. Take Coffee Powder
Weigh a certain amount of coffee according to the number of people (according to the standard of 10g per person, or you can choose according to your preferences), and use grinder to grind it into powder, grind it into a powder the size of coarse sugar, and the ratio of powder to water is in the range Choose 1:10~1:18, choose according to your own taste.
Take Coffee Powder
3. Put in the Coffee Powder
Pour the coffee powder into the middle of the filter paper, and gently tap the edge of the filter cup with your hands to make the coffee powder evenly spread on the filter paper, then put the filter cup on the sharing pot, and then place the sharing pot and filter. The cup is moved to the electronic scale, and then reset to zero to facilitate weighing, and pour some hot water into the water cup container to prevent temperature changes from affecting the taste and taste of coffee. The container that the
Put in the Coffee Powder
Coffee liquid comes into contact with after extraction must be kept warm to ensure that it is not affected by the temperature change in taste.

4. Smothering
Pour hot water from the top of the coffee powder (keep it out of the filter cup), and pour the hot water in a spiral shape from the inside to the outside, and then from the outside to the inside (both directions are acceptable, but the same Orientation cannot be changed).
When the coffee powder expands and foams due to the release of carbon dioxide, when it expands to the top, stop adding water and let it stand for "smouldering".
Beans with different roasting degrees are different, and the water temperature required for brewing is also different. Generally speaking, the water temperature of brewing beans with light and medium roasting is between 89-93°, and the water temperature of beans with medium and dark roasting or heavy roasting can be lower. Some, around 86-88° is enough, or according to your own preferences.

5. Water injection process
(The following is the process of brewing with 15 grams of powder and a coffee pour over ratio 1:15 powder to water. The water flow should be kept as consistent as possible throughout the process.)
The first stage of water injection, when the coffee in the sharing pot reaches When it is 30 grams or 50 grams, stop the water flow injection, wait for smouldering for 30s, and then continue to inject water. The second stage of water injection, stop the injection when the injection reaches 100 grams, and continue to inject water after 1 minute. The third stage of water injection, after the injection to 225 grams, let it stand and wait.
Remove the Filter Cup
Be careful not to rush hot water onto the filter paper, as it will stretch the filter paper that is closely attached to the filter cup.

6. Remove the Filter Cup
After filling the water with the ratio of water to powder 1:15, remove the filter cup when you see the coffee powder at the bottom of the filter cup, and throw away the coffee at the end. affects the overall taste of coffee.
Remove the Filter Cup
7. Pour Out the Coffee
Finally, pour out the warm water in the container, pour the coffee into the container, and then you can share the coffee with everyone.
How to Make Pour Over Coffee
After throwing away the coffee grounds, shake the sharing pot vigorously. , to ensure that the liquid is fully integrated and the consistency of the coffee flavor is guaranteed.

Due to the influence of factors such as temperature loss due to the exposure of water to the air during the water injection process, the actual extraction temperature after water injection will be a few degrees lower than the initial temperature. difference. If you want to get the brewing taste you are satisfied with, you also need to adjust the initial temperature, water injection height, etc., or change the powder-water ratio to change the taste and taste, try repeatedly, and try to make a cup of hand-brewed coffee that you are satisfied with~
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