pour over iced coffee

How to Make Iced Pour Over Coffee?

If you are tired of cold brew coffee, don’t worry, there are many people like you who want to try a new iced coffee drink, and perhaps Japanese iced coffee (mainly “iced pour over coffee”) is your best choice choose!
pour over iced coffee
Iced Pour Over Coffee (called aisu kohi in Japanese) is ubiquitous in Japan. Every sweet shop serves iced coffee in a tall glass with a small jar of syrup on the side. Coffee lovers in Japan enjoy it with dessert at tea time.
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What is Iced Pour Over Coffee?
Japanese iced pour over coffee is definitely not leftover hot coffee, and it's definitely not cold brew. Its production method is very simple, first put ice cubes in the coffee cup, and then use ordinary methods (such as hand pouring) to brew coffee with hot water. ‍
pour over iced coffee
Immersion coffee such as cold brew usually takes 6-12 hours to make, while Japanese-style iced coffee is brewed with hot water, which can stimulate the full taste and aroma of coffee in a short time, which not only shortens the making time, And help you retain the rich and charming taste of coffee. The coffee cools down quickly after contact with ice cubes, which can effectively lock the aromatic substances in the coffee. ‍This is also the reason why ice punch is so popular.

Tips for Making  Iced Pour Over Coffee
1. Grind the coffee powder finer
"In principle, the coffee you make will be diluted by ice cubes, so when making Japanese-style iced coffee, the amount of water should be 2/3 of that of ordinary coffee, so you need to grind the coffee powder finer and increase The contact area between coffee powder and water allows more soluble substances to dissolve in the water.

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2. Use large blocks of ice to slow down the rate of dilution
"The ice cubes should be as large as possible, so the ice will melt slower and the rate of dilution will be slower.

3. The proportion of water powder should be lower
The amount of powder should be more, because the ice cubes will dilute the taste of coffee after melting.
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4. Regarding equipment preparation
Iced hand pour is the most popular Japanese iced coffee, but if you only have a French press, Aeropress, Moka pot or other coffee machine, you can do it! You just need to understand the core principle of water-powder ratio.

Iced hand brewing tutorial for coffee lovers
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Iced Pour Over Coffee Recipe:
Coffee powder amount: 20g
Grinding degree: 1-2 grids finer than the commonly used hand-punched scale
Hot water volume: 180g (water temperature recommended 93-95 degrees)
Ice cube weight: 140g
Conversion of conventional powder water ratio: 1:16

iced pour over coffee

Wet the filter paper and filter cup with hot water, and pour out the waste water;
Add 120g of ice cubes to the coffee cup (or sharing pot);
Pour 20 grams of freshly ground coffee powder into the filter cup, then pour 40-50 grams of hot water, fully soak the coffee powder, and steam for 30-50 seconds;
Slowly inject about 70g of hot water for the first time after steaming, and drip filter for 20 seconds after injection;
Pour in the remaining hot water until all dripping is complete.

how to make iced pour over coffee

Recommended coffee types
You can use any variety of coffee, especially high-end specialty coffee, we recommend bright light roast coffee. The most commonly used coffee in cafes is Ethiopian washed coffee, and the practice of Japanese iced coffee can fully reflect the aroma of flowers and citrus.

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