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How to Brew a Good Cup of Cold Brew Coffee?

​Isn’t cold brew coffee ground coffee and cold water steeped for a long time? wrong! In fact, good cold brew coffee does not only have these parts to consider. As long as it is done right, cold brew coffee can also be sipped and you can feel the good flavor of the coffee beans. Depending on how you make it, cold brew coffee can be refreshing or strong, sweet or good acid. Five keys allow you to control the steeping of cold brew and adjust the recipe to suit you.
Cold Brew Coffee
01. Choose Coffee Beans
First pick a coffee bean that you like. In terms of roasting degree, there are light, medium and dark. The cold brew method can release the most delicate taste in coffee to the greatest extent. In contrast, dark roast cold brew coffee tastes more like coke, so it is more recommended. Moderately or lightly roasted beans, of course, because of the low temperature extraction, deep roasted beans can also avoid the extraction of various negative aromas at high temperatures. It is understandable for coffee lovers who like this kind of taste to choose dark roasting. In short, the choice of cold-brewed coffee beans is recommended to start with lightly and moderately roasted beans, and then gradually find your favorite.

02. Grinding Settings
After the coffee beans are selected, they are ground. The grinding degree is recommended to choose medium or medium-fine grinding. Grinding by yourself is slightly finer than hand-brewing. When the coffee beans are too finely ground, the coffee tends to be bitter and rusty, and for cold brew coffee or other cold drinks, a clean, sweet, and fruity taste is the best combination, so make cold brew coffee Do not grind the powder too finely, if the grinding is too coarse, the water temperature is low and it is not easy to extract coffee substances.

03. Amount of Coffee Powder
The amount of ground coffee you use depends on how you want your cold brew to be drunk: with milk, straight, with ice, or just for something refreshing? The amount of flour will control the taste. The ratio of powder to water is 1:15. If you use 150ml of water, the taste may be more refreshing with 9-12 grams of powder. If you add milk, the taste will be lighter; with 12-15 grams of powder, it may be more refreshing. Thick, the taste will be smoother, if you drink it with some milk, it may have a good effect.
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04. Water Temperature
If you like the sweetness of your coffee, try using a higher water temperature at the beginning of your cold brew, pre-soak with hot water to bring out the sweetness and then steep in cold water, or add half the amount of hot water to brew before adding half cold water. But if you want a more acidic cold brew, you can use cold water throughout the process and put the coffee directly into the refrigerator for brewing.

05. Extraction Time
Extraction time is also a key factor in cold brew coffee making and affects the finish of the coffee. This part is especially important when you are roasting a fuller, darker roast. Steeping for 8-16 hours will result in a juicy finish and a refreshing finish with less bitterness. On the other hand, 16-30 hours of steeping will produce a deeper, thicker, sweeter coffee every hour, but may also result in a dry finish.

Cold Brew Coffee
Tips: Tips for Making
Since cold brew coffee takes at least half a day to make, don't use just one recipe at a time, use two to three recipes, compare the flavors when you're done, and choose your favorite brewing method. What are you waiting for here? Start discovering your cold brew recipe today!
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