stok cold brew caffeine

How Much Caffeine in a Cold Brew ?

First of all, cold brew coffee contains caffeine. So the question is, why do drinking Iced americano and drinking cold brew have different effects on sleep at the same time? The reason is that the cold brew you are drinking has less caffeine than the Iced americano.

stok cold brew caffeine

How much less caffeine is that?

Let's take a closer look at how much caffeine is contained in different extraction methods of coffee. In fact, the amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee has always been a myth, because different beans and different extraction methods will affect the caffeine content, making it difficult to calculate accurately. In 2022, a guy named Arne Preuss in Germany spent 12 days and 1165 euros to scientifically measure the caffeine of different coffees obtained from the same coffee bean using 15 extraction methods. It is a relatively accurate comparison of the difference in the amount of caffeine in coffee with different extraction methods. The picture below is his measurement result.

By Arne Preuss
Link: How Much Caffeine Is Really in Your Coffee? Find Out Here!
Source: Coffeeness official website
How Much Caffeine Is Really in Your Coffee? Find Out Here!

It can be seen that cold-brewed coffee (100g of coffee powder extracted with 1 liter of water) for 8 hours has a caffeine content of 95mg; the longer the cold-brewed time, the higher the caffeine content. If the cold brew time is extended to 24 hours, the caffeine content is 112mg. For every 100ml of espresso (18g coffee powder 50ml water extraction) for 25 seconds, the caffeine content is 273mg. If a cup of 250ml Iced americano uses 60ml of double espresso to heat water, then the caffeine content is 164mg; and 250ml of cold brew coffee, according to the extraction time of 8 hours, if you drink it directly without adding ice or water, the actual coffee Because the content is as high as 238mg, it is much higher than Iced americano, which is very suitable for refreshing!

If you drink cold brew without affecting your sleep, it may be because more water is used in the cold brew process, the cold brew time is shorter, or more ice or water is added to dilute it when drinking, thus reducing the coffee in the cold brew coffee Due to content.

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