guinness cold brew coffee

Does Cold Brew Go Bad In Fridge

Up to a week at most!
For health and flavor reasons, do not drink for more than a week

What is Cold Brew Coffee Cold Brew Coffee?
It is made by soaking ground coffee beans in cold water for at least 12 hours, extracting and filtering through professional equipment. If you want a higher body, you can also extend the time to 24-48 hours. In layman's terms, the process of extracting coffee at low temperature is called cold extraction. Low temperature and long extraction time are two characteristics of cold brew coffee.
guinness cold brew coffee
Production Principle
Cold brew coffee is produced by slowly extracting ground coffee and ice water in a certain proportion. The coffee produced by the cold extraction process has a low sourness, low temperature conditions and long-term contact with the coffee powder, so that only small molecular flavor substances are extracted, such as floral and fruity aromas, while those with larger molecules, such as smoke Taste, etc., are difficult to be extracted.

Cold Brew Storage
It is not recommended to drink cold-brewed coffee that is more than a week old. For convenient storage, you can use a sterilized airtight can. You can also consider freezing the finished cold brew coffee into ice trays, and mixing syrup and other accessories is another vitality.
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