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Do You Need A Gooseneck Kettle For Pour Over Coffee

No matter which coffee shop we are in, or the hand pouring pot recommended by others, the most common one is the hand pouring pot with a slender gooseneck design. Some baristas call it a snake neck pot.

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Why is this type of hand pouring pot How popular is the kettle?
We all know that in the process of pouring coffee, the purpose of uniform extraction is achieved by injecting water and stirring the coffee powder, but the size of the water flow will directly affect the extraction of coffee. The so-called gooseneck is the curved shape of the neck of the pot, which looks like an elegant swan neck, but practicality is the most important thing.

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Pour over coffee looks very simple, just pouring water into the coffee powder, but the water injection is particular. If the water is poured too large or too small, the extraction will be affected after a long time of brewing, and it is also the most difficult for beginners to control. Just like driving a car, if you can’t control the steering wheel well, how can you control the driving direction of the car? If the water flow is too large and the brewing time is short, the extraction will be insufficient, and it will taste watery, but it takes a long time for the hand brewing process. Hold the flush pot and maintain a posture, and your hands will keep shaking, especially for beginners, not to mention focusing on water flow control during this process, and the slender gooseneck pot design makes up for this problem , so that the water flow is easier to control, and the amount of water during the brewing process can be well controlled.
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The stability during the brewing process is also very important. It allows us to better control the size and speed of the water flow. The impact of the water flow on the coffee powder bed can be more uniform during brewing, and many gooseneck hand The brewing pot will take into account the water cut-off problem when it is designed, so that the water can be cut off more cleanly when the water is cut off, which allows us to better control the exact amount of water injected. All of these can help us provide stability during coffee brewing and obtain more stable coffee quality.

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The greatest joy in the process of pouring coffee is the variety in the brewing process. Does it mean that the slender gooseneck pot is the best? In fact, it is not. No matter how easy the pouring pot is, it is also a tool and its own foundation It is the most important thing. The use of gooseneck pots limits the playability of hand-brewed coffee. In order to increase the temperature of the water, we change the angle of the gooseneck to increase the length, and use the angle to relieve the water pressure during the pouring process, so that The water is softer when it flows out. In order to limit the water pressure, we installed a flow limiting valve and other means on the inside of the pot to make the water better controlled. As a beginner, if you want to have a stable product, you can choose a After all, it is very important to use a suitable gooseneck pot, which is easy to control and stable.

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