Cold Brew Coffee

Coffee | The Difference Between Iced Americano and Cold Brew

Coffee Extraction
"Extraction" is what coffee practitioners use to describe the process of "dissolving the caffeine and other flavors in coffee in water" (not the same as the chemical term "extraction").

The main coffee extraction methods are probably brewing, brewing, boiling, high temperature and high pressure steam. If you use cold water to brew, it is cold brew; if you use hot water, it is hot brew.

*All coffee made with cold water can be called cold brew coffee!

Iced Americano is espresso made with high-pressure steam + ice water, which means that in the extraction step, it uses the hot extraction method, but it is just mixed with ice water after the hot extraction.

Esspro Coffee
Espresso Coffee
Beverages that use this high-temperature and high-pressure steam to extract espresso are collectively referred to as espresso, such as espresso, latte, mocha, macchiato, American and so on. So, Iced Americano is essentially espresso.

Let's see their difference
1. Made Differently
2. Different Taste
3. Shelf Life Varies
4. Different Levels of Caffeine

Iced Americano
Production method: simple operation and fast speed. Espresso + ice water is used. The coffee is first extracted with hot water at 91-96°C, and then ice cubes are added to cool it.
Iced Americano
 Iced Americano
Mouthfeel: Thicker and more bitter. The taste is mellow, the liquid surface will have grease, and the smoky taste of coffee roasting will be heavier. Shelf life: It is recommended to drink as soon as possible. Contains ice and should not be stored for a long time.

Cold Brew Coffee
Production method: The process takes a long time. The coffee powder is soaked in cold water, extracted and filtered. It is made with water at room temperature or at a lower temperature. The water temperature is usually 20-22°C. Because the temperature is relatively low, the production process will be longer and it will take 12-48 hours. 
Cold Brew Coffee
Cold Brew Coffee
 Mouthfeel: Smooth, fruity and sour. The liquid surface is clean and clear, the acidity is soft, and the refreshing feeling is stronger. 
Shelf life: The shelf life is longer. Store it in the refrigerator and drink it within 3 days. There will be no obvious difference in flavor.
Caffeine: Because of the high proportion of gouache, its caffeine level is higher than that of American coffee.

Iced Americano = espresso + ice water cold brewing is to use cold water for coffee extraction Cold brewing will reduce the sourness and bitterness of coffee, and cold brewing will not have unpleasant acidity and bitterness. Suitable for people who like smooth taste , low-acid, choose cold brew to like the mellow taste, choose iced American-style stomach is more sensitive, but want to drink iced coffee, it is recommended to choose cold brew.
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