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"Cold brew", as the name suggests, is coffee extracted at low temperature.

I don’t know if you have heard of it when you were young. I remember that I just started drinking instant coffee. I slept less than six hours a day in junior high school. But I don’t know who told me that I can’t drink the coffee when it’s cold.

I didn't know how addictive iced Americano is until I really got in touch with coffee in college!

I can say that I can’t live without iced Americano every day (except for special periods, I can accept two days of warm Americano hahaha).

In addition to refreshing, iced Americano can also help intestinal peristalsis, decompose fat, release fat in the blood, and promote metabolism. This is why Americano is very popular among fitness people. Americano coffee does not contain calories, that is to say, you drink a cup of pure black Americano, and drink a cup of plain water, the calories are the same.

Iced American is actually composed of ice cubes, filtered water, and espresso. When espresso is produced, there will be a lot of coffee crema. The roasted coffee has a strong smoky taste, and the taste is richer and more bitter. .

Because the temperature of espresso is around 90°C, pouring it on ice cubes will make the ice cubes melt faster, so it is recommended to drink iced Americano in a short period of time for a better taste.

The cold brew coffee is different. In the process of coffee extraction, it is completed in a lower temperature environment. It is extracted with filtered water or ice cubes at a temperature of about 5°C-15°C, and it is completed after 12-24 hours. Because the water temperature is lower, it can make the acidity of the coffee softer. If the coffee beans themselves have a sweet and sour taste, then the cold brewing method will make the taste softer, smoother, refreshing and bright.
Cold Brew Coffee

The method of cold brewing is also very simple and can generally be made at home.

1. First prepare the coffee beans and grind them with a hand-washed grind. The particle size is similar to white sugar.

2. Prepare a cold extraction pot, or use a disposable tea bag, or put it directly into a cold water pot that can be sealed.

3. The powder-to-water ratio is recommended to be around 1:15.

4. Placed in a cool environment, if the room temperature is about 18°C, the extraction time will be reduced correspondingly, about 12-16 hours; if it is placed in a refrigerator, the extraction time will be correspondingly increased, about 24-28 hours. According to the degree of roasting of different coffee beans and personal taste preferences, the extraction time can be appropriately changed.

5. Cold-brew coffee also contains coffee oil, which is the fat of coffee. Before drinking, it can be filtered with filter paper to get cleaner cold-brew coffee.

6. I personally think that cold-brew coffee’s effect of clearing the intestines, diuresis and promoting metabolism is still a little bit higher than that of iced Americano hhhhh...

7. If you don’t like the purity of cold-brewed coffee, you can add coconut milk, coconut milk, milk, etc. to it for blending. Coconut green cold-brewed is a good choice. It doesn’t have the bitterness of black coffee and doesn’t add extra calories. There is no burden to drink, and the taste is more refreshing and smooth.

How to make a cup of Cold Brew coffee

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